Element of Surprise

Dear Heather

Ack! I missed my favorite meeting of the week, the Amazing Women Writing Hour! I was recently reminded that breaks are necessary. I mean a full break where you forget for a moment all of the responsibilities that you need to manage, deadlines you need to meet, and obligations that you have to juggle. I took such a break for just three days last week (spoiler alert - two of those days were the weekend)!

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Making the leap

This month I took the leap from a path of working with and for entrepreneurs and new ventures as an employee, to venturing out on my own. Over the years I have played the role of cheerleader and enabler. Leaders of new efforts have turned to me for advice or help as they realize their visions. And, as I thought about it, I realized that the thing I’ve liked the best about my experiences has been the variety of contributions that I’ve been able to make at the initiation of a project or venture.

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