Making the leap

This month I took the leap from a path of working with and for entrepreneurs and new ventures as an employee, to venturing out on my own. Over the years I have played the role of cheerleader and enabler. Leaders of new efforts have turned to me for advice or help as they realize their visions.

And, as I thought about it, I realized that the thing I’ve liked the best about my experiences has been the variety of contributions that I’ve been able to make at the initiation of a project or venture. I love the underlying thrill that I get from helping an effort to realize its vision, and in providing the energy that helps to push the project, product or venture into being and ensuring its future success.

And so I take this leap to try to do these activities more frequently for more efforts, and hopefully, in the process learn more as I contribute to my own growth. And through this medium, I hope to share what I’m discovering and the conclusions that I’ve reached. I’m hoping to meet many along this new path.