Hill Blocks View

Sometimes you can find wisdom in unexpected places. What did I see on this morning’s walk? A sign reminding me that “Hill Blocks View”.

This year has been quite a significant hill for me. I was blessed with SO many tremendously great opportunities and accomplishments. I gave two invited keynote talks - one of which was on a TREMENDOUS stage in Albania. I did the technical writing of two very large, technical, complicated, and very successful RFP responses. I competed on the international stage as my authentic self with my extremely talented chorus, receiving recognition and congratulations from the judging panel. And, I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary with my fantastic husband.

And yet, the demands on my time this year were overwhelming with client work during the first six months of the year, impacting all of the critical things necessary to feel human: sleep, exercise, thoughtful eating, and human interaction. I was met in the second half of the year with my mother’s sudden and significant declining health, resulting in hospice care starting in June, and her passing in October. These challenges often meant that I wasn’t able to take the opportunity to appreciate or recognize my successes in the moment. And, the timing of the successes and challenges makes it easy to feel that the intense challenges eclipse the tremendous successes of this year.

But, that’s just it, isn’t it?

>> Hill Blocks View

The hills I climbed with those challenges are behind me now. There are surely more to come, but I’m hopeful that by being near the top of these, I’ll be able to welcome the view, gain perspective, and appreciate that at least some part of all of this has got to be easier now that those challenges are done. One thing is for sure - I’m going to do my best during this upcoming holiday season and 2024 to remember that the hills in life often mean that it isn’t possible to see everything that is ahead of me.