Moderator: ...Scientific Publishing...Supporting D&I

PANEL: The Role of Scientific Publishing in Supporting D&I

Discussions about publishing are nearly ubiquitous in any scientific scholarship journey. This important activity impacts how research is reviewed and valued, and can affect if and how this research is built upon. In this panel, moderated by Laura Paglione, Partner at Spherical Cow Group, featuring Marcus Lambert, Associate Vice President for Research Strategy & Operations and Associate Professor in the School of Public Health at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, and Caeul Lim, Scientific Editor/Inclusion & Diversity Officer, Cell Press, we will explore the role of scientific publishing in supporting D&I and its incorporation into research’s collective goals to build knowledge, progress, and societal benefit.

Lim C, Lambert M, Ricci M, Paglione L (moderator). (2021) PANEL: The Role of Scientific Publishing in Supporting D&I. DIRC21. Virtual.

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