Presentation: Identity Registration 201

This presentation describes the purpose of identity registration, its role in identity and access management, and specific features of tools that assist in identity registration. It was presented as an invited talk at the BaseCAMP Workshop in July 2021. BaseCAMP is a workshop hosted by InCommon for those new to identity and access management, new to InCommon, or both.

Available only to conference participants. Excerpts available upon request.

Paglione, Laura. (2021, July). Identity Registration 201. Invited talk. Presented during the InCommon BaseCAMP 2021 Conference, Virtual.

Identity Registration 201

About My Role in InCommon

InCommon is the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Federation for the United States. Like other IAM Federations around the world, it works with higher education institutions, K-12 schools, and digital service providers (like conference software, online learning platforms, and operational tools like HR software, among others). Its role is to establish “trust networks”, a set of known and trusted organizations, that can share access to resources and services more easily in a digital setting by providing contractual assurances, software, and prescribed processes. This is a whole industry, so it is a bit more complicated than this simplified description, but hopefully the description is enough for the uninitiated to have a sense of this industry.

I serve on the Steering Committee (Board) of InCommon, and serve as coordinator for one of the open source software tools, COmanage, that is promoted by InCommon for use by Federation participants.