Presentation: The PID Want Ads

WANTED: PID for an object that is not too big and not too small. One that provides just the information that I seek, and is in a language that I can understand. Not too old. Accompanied by data and resources. Available in my country. Open access only need apply.

What would a PID be without its accompanying metadata? Rich data help fulfill the FAIR promises by making information more easily findable, and by providing clarity on the constraints around being accessible (how?), interoperable (with what?), and reusable (for what purpose?)

In this session, we’ll review the 101 of Metadata and its very important relationship to PIDs. And then you’ll try your hand at identifying the metadata needed to help answer the PID Want Ads.

At PIDapalooza 2021, I presented an interactive talk for those new to metadata and its purpose. Using the “want ad” as a metaphor for finding items that you need, we explored the role that metadata plays in finding research outputs. listen time: 30 min.

Listen to the talk; watch the interaction!

Global Contributors, Metadata 2020, Paglione, Laura, Hendricks, Ginny, & Chodacki, John. (2021, January). The PID Want Ads. Presented at the PIDapalooza 2020, Virtual: Zenodo.